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At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 we wanted to do something to help small children understand what was happening in the world, why schools were closed and why they had to stay at home. ‘Teddy’, ‘Pim’ and ‘George’ are books that aim to explain some of these issues to small children.


We enjoyed creating these books so much that we decided to keep going – expanding the themes to cover ‘Understanding the World: Past and Present’, ‘On Entry Assessment (Nursery and Reception) and a book about trying something new!


The website is divided into two sections, ‘Books for Parents’ have just the story and ‘Books for Teachers’ contain teaching notes and ideas for the classroom.


All our books are completely free and can be downloaded by everyone to use and share. All we ask is that you don’t make money from them! We would love to hear how you used them with your children and what the children had to say. You can email us directly from the ‘contact’ tab. We will respond to all emails and we promise not to hold your data. You can also follow us on Instagram #saltnpepperorg 

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Sue was a primary school teacher and is now working as an Early Years Consultant in London.

Pete is a freelance graphic designer who currently spends most of his time illustrating books.

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