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Ruby is three and she's going to nursery for the first time. When it's time for Mum to leave her she's not sure she wants to stay. Ruby's key person, Dawn, tells her that Mum will be back soon and she takes her into the nursery to play. When Mum returns to collect her she doesn't want to go home - she wants to play for longer!

We hope this book will help you and your child as they settle into nursery for the first time.

Teddy will soon be five and it is time for him to go to 'big school'. He is excited but also has 'butterflies' in his tummy and he's not sure how he feels.

The story follows Teddy through his first day at school, meeting his teacher, making some friends and joining in with some fun activities.

We hope this book will you prepare your child for their first day at school and help them talk about their thoughts and fears.

Archie is a little reluctant to try anything new - including strawberries! He has many reasons why he doesn’t want to try them but his Mother steadfastly encourages him to ‘taste and see’.


This story will help you talk to your child about being brave and having the courage to try new things. 

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Pim is a cute and cuddly penguin who is very angry because having just started school, it has been closed as a result of the lockdown. He can’t play with his friends or do the things he loves. He is being taught at home by his mum and he misses his teacher. 

This book will help you talk to your child about being sad and angry and how to manage these feelings.

George is sad and crying. His Grandpa has died in hospital of Coronavirus. Everyone is sad and this is making George feel worried and scared.

This book will help children who have lost family members during the pandemic to begin to understand what they are feeling and talk to you about it. It will also help you to talk to your child about how you are feeling because your child will be very worried about you.

Teddy is finding it difficult that he can’t celebrate his 5th birthday properly and he isn’t excited like he should be. He has to stay at home because of the Coronavirus. 

This book will help you to talk to your child about why they can’t have a birthday party or see their friends and family on their birthday.

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